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Time to Share

Riding my BMX bike is part of my personality. It`s what I love to do for over 20 years now. I am lucky enough to be able sharing that passion with you.

Flatland BMX


There is no real love with out passion. Flatland BMX is not only a sport or a lifestyle, it´s a state of mind.


It´s not easy to learn tricks on a 20inch bike. Nothing happens without continuity and a little bit of bullishness.


It´s all about having new ideas for linking tricks and styles together or even creating never before seen ones.

Hard Work.

BMX Flatland moves are looking smooth and easy sometimes but they are always a result of super hard work!

Edit to remember

Flo Sailer BMX


It was 1998 when I first got in contact with a BMX bike. It took just moments to realize that this little 20inch bike will have a massive impact on my further live. It was just love at first sight.
After years of travelling to contests and shows getting first sponsor deals and just having massive good times within the BMX lifestyle I moved to Stuttgart in 2003. Because most of my riding friends also moved to that city it just was the place to be for riding Flatland BMX back then.

In 2008 I got into BMX business by starting beeing the CEO of kunstform BMX Shop and Mailorder as well as a BMX show agency. To stay on the “other side of the game” was deeply interesting but also very exhausting in some ways. After seven years of building one of the biggest BMX shops in Europe I quit this chapter to explore other ways and recover from intense years. Now I do manage a small brand agency as well as sharing my BMX passion and experience to those who are interested in.

It’s Time

If you are looking for someone sharing his BMX passion and experiences don´t hesitate to contact me now.



FUNK eyewear
The independent eyewear brand from Germany with an inhouse manufactoring and style for miles.


New Balance Germany
The famous shoe brand from UK creates not only stylish sneakers and perfect running shoes they also have awesome products for Skateboard and BMX riders as well.


Maxxis Tires
To ride with the perfect grip is one of the most important facts for having the total bike control. Maxxis creates that perfect tires for my ride!

Flo Sailer BMX

Stuttgart, Germany

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